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People of Color Comics Collective's Journal

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13th December 2010

jun_i5:07pm: POC in anime
Slightly off topic, but figured some of you might be interested since many anime characters originated from comic book characters:
List of black and brown anime characters

10th December 2010

animeg32827:15pm: Felipe Smith Gets the TCJ Treatment
On the global comics market. I like to say 'comics are comics', but how do other people feel?

9th April 2010

zenlari12:51am: Call for Submissions: Other Tounges Anthology. x-posted.

OTHER TONGUES: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out

Co-editors Adebe D.A. and Andrea Thompson are seeking submissions for an anthology of writing by and about mixed-race women, intended for publication in Fall 2010 by Inanna Publications.
Follow the CutCollapse )

A comic would be great for all my comic creators!

27th August 2009

jun_i9:57pm: Cartoonist Matt Baker inducted into to the Will Eisner Hall of Fame
From http://schulzlibrary.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/congrats-matt-baker/ :

"Although Matt Baker’s comics career was cut tragically short (reportedly due to heart failure) he made a significant impact on the medium between 1944 and 1959. Baker was one of the first known African-American cartoonists, and arguably one of the most prominent in his day..."

21st July 2009

jun_i8:02am: Manga High
From Harvard Education Press: Manga High - Literacy, Identity, and Coming of Age in an Urban High School
"Since 2004, students at Martin Luther King, Jr., High School in Manhattan have been creating manga—Japanese comic books. They write the stories, design the characters, and publish their works in print and on the Internet. These students—African-American and Latino teenagers—are more than interested in the art and medium of manga. They have become completely engrossed in Japanese language, culture, and society.

Based on a four-year study, Manga High explores the convergence of literacy, creativity, social development, and personal identity in one of New York City’s largest high schools..."
The project is also mentioned on the Schulz Library blog.

10th March 2009

animeg328212:25pm: All Negro Comics #1 on sale. For 6,500.

A review is posted here.

23rd May 2008

sfa_webcomic1:28am: RENAMON FAN ART

Picture Pitch:
Renamon, from the Pokemon series. Why catch em all...? Just catch the sexy one.

I've got a Brand New Sketchbook on sale. Check out the free samples:
If you like my art, you'll love it.

My free webcomic,
SFA, updated 5 times a week:
BTW, SFA contains edgy adult humor. Viewer discretion is advised.

My Deviantart gallery, updated twice a week:

13th February 2008

everreese5:47pm: Urban Sprawl The Comic


It is time it unveil the most anticipated comic book of 2008!!! (Of which I am writer, co-owner and co-developer w/Dion Floyd)

Naima also known as Katana-One is coming to stores, conventions and networks near you.

This coming attraction is in comic ash-can form and will be $5.00 to purchase. Free signed copies at events near you. I will keep you posted on locations and time.

Here is the url, please visit the site, send us a friend request and leave comments and love!


Art By Mshindo I

Current Mood: excited

9th December 2007

animeg32829:12am: your comics xmas list?
I know I want castle waiting, absolute sandman and more love and rockets.. you?

2nd October 2007

zenlari1:02am: Hello!
There of some of you that may know me already but there are some that don't! My name is Jordan and I currently live in Portland, Oregon and I'm starting to get my stuff together for art school to work in the comics field. So that's it for introductions!

I was wondering is anyone here reading New Warriors by Marvel? It's one of the most diverse, non-mutant, doesn't have a Wolverine clone in sight, comic I've seen! It's amazingly drawn and the story-arcs seem to be along the lines of "sticking it to the man as much as possible."

If not New Warriors, what books are people reading right now?


20th July 2007

animeg32826:51pm: Templar Arizona
I got my copy today- any other folks getting theirs? I am happy to see how the shading came out.

28th June 2007

animeg32829:16am: There's a discussion of Storm...
let's watch How should mainstream comics artists deal with black(or asian, or hispanic, or arab) culture?

ETA: Onyx in birds of prey- awesome?

13th June 2007

animeg328210:16am: Secret Asian Man
It's going daily Tell your newspaper!
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